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About O2.Capital

We are a real-estate investment platform for RIAs and their Accredited Investors. We are hyper-focused in apartment communities, hospitality, and opportunity zones. In addition, we leverage and infuse technology into our investments to maximize investor return and satisfaction. 

Our focus is to build wealth for our clients by acquiring great opportunities in advantageous locations at opportunistic prices. This allows us to provide RIAs and their accredited investors with monthly distributions, often with tax favored returns. We mitigate risk while focusing on recession resistant investments, capital preservation and above-market returns. We achieve these results through partnering with best-in-class underwriters, asset managers and property managers who care about our clients and their well-being. 

O2.Capital in the News

O2.Capital in the News

"Fifty Mission Capital Expanding to Over 1,000 Apartment Building Units this Year"


Our Investment

1 Year Time Horizon

12% Annualized Rate of Return

Distributions paid Monthly

Short Term

2-5 Year Time Horizon

7% Annualized Rate of Return

Distributions Paid Monthly

Tax Favored

3-9 Month Time Horizon

18%-12% Investment

Distributions Paid Monthly



The Platform

Only Vetted Investments.

Each investor has access to their own private data room to securely view and upload investment documents and property details.


Each investment has third party due diligence reports to create security and ease for RIAs and their Accredited Investors.

Due Diligence

Not only will you have access to the Manager of the funds, but events will be held for specific Companies and Investment opportunities so you can meet and hear from the leadership of each Company.


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