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Drive to 95

Property Management Strategy developed by Peter Anadranistakis to measure specific metrics within an apartment community to determine how to increase overall value of property.

​The Goals of Drive to 95

  • 95% Occupancy
  • 95% Market Rate Rent

  • 95% Payments without incident

How to Achieve These Goals

  • Use the score card to measure how each property is measuring in 95 separate categories.
  • Next, total up each category and give property overall score.

  • Determine what areas within the apartment community need the most work and how the property will produce the highest return on investment.

  • Each property is measured before the Drive to 95 Program and measured after the Drive to 95 Program has been implemented to show how the overall property condition has improved and to achieve the three key metrics, 95% occupancy, 95% market rate rent, and 95% payments without incident.